South Sardinia offers good wind conditions for kitesurfing all year round, with many kite spots including the best flat water spots in Europe where water is never too cold even during the winter months: Punta Trettu and Porto Botte or between the spots for wave riding of Funtanamare, Calasetta, Chia and Mari Ermi.

We are based close to all the above spots and we have collected some useful information about the wind seasons in Sardinia.

Our Kitesurf Center – Kite House Sardinia ASD as well as the Holiday Apartments are open the whole year!


From March the weather becomes warmer and the temperatures increase with more constant winds. April is the month that officially opens the season with rare cloudy days and rising temperatures. Mistral and Scirocco alternate and in case of perturbation they can be strong. You can kite everywhere and the waves are still on!

Main winds: NW/N/SE/SW/W
Wind strength: 10/40 kn.
Day air temperature: 18/25 °C
Sunny, rare cloudy days.
Water temperature: 15/20 °C
Wetsuit: 5/4 mm.


May is normally the month of the year with the highest wind days percentage. Usually the Mistral prevails with sun and pleasant temperatures, the thermal wind kicks in! In June the temperatures continue to rise, the days are hotter with sun and thermal wind increases.

Main winds: NW/SE
Wind strength: 15/30 kn.
Day air temperature: 25/30 °C
Sunny days.
Water temperature: 20/25 °C
Wetsuit: 4/3 mm - 3/2 mm.


In July and August the thermal wind really does it job almost every day in Punta Trettu and Porto Botte. On the rare days high-pressure days you can drive to Capoterra, where the southerly wind will allow you to continue kiting and you will not lose a day.

Main winds: NW/SE
Wind strength: 15/25 kn.
Day air temperature: 30/35 °C
Sunny days.
Water temperature: 25/30 °C
Wetsuit: short - lycra.


September and October are still sunny warm months. The first beautiful waves that start to reappear again. The Mistral alternates to the Scirocco and hot days with light wind follow days with stronger wind. The beaches are free from swimmers and you can again kite everywhere! It is also an excellent time to dedicate yourself to other activities such as surf, sup, wakeboarding, mountain biking, free-climbing and horse riding.

Main winds: NW/SE/E
Wind strength: 15/30 kn.
Day air temperature: 30/25 °C
Sunny, rare cloudy days.
Water temperature: 25/20 °C
Wetsuit: 3/2 mm - 4/3 mm.


In November and December the wind is less constant and frequent. Beautiful days with sun and light wind alternate to days of very strong and perturbed wind with waves active. Definitely a good time to dedicate yourself also to other activities.

Main winds: NW/N/NE/SW
Wind strength: 20/40 kn.
Day air temperature: 20/15 °C
Sunny, cloudy days, some rain.
Water temperature: 18/15 °C
Wetsuit: 5/4 mm.


January and February are the winter months with strong winds mercilessly blowing across the island. The temperature remains mild, especially on clear days when the warmth of the southern sun is felt. Local kitesurfers are out every weekend regardless of the weather. Lovers of surfing can find very big waves!

Main winds: N/NW/NE
Wind strength: 25/50 kn.
Day air temperature: 10/15 °C
Cloudy, sunny, rainy days.
Water temperature: 10/12 °C
Wetsuit: 5/4 mm - Dry-suit.


See the characteristics and check the wind forecast for the best kite spots of South Sardinia.

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