Kitesurf school Punta Trettu

Kitesurf Punta Trettu

Kite House Sardinia – Kite School IKO Center

The kitesurf school – Kite House Sardinia – as an IKO affiliated kitesurf centerEstablished in 2001, the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) is the largest kiteboarding organization in the world. IKO certifications are recognized worldwide., works with qualified, multi-language and experienced instructors, who use IKO certified teaching methodologies, in order to guarantee the safety of students and fast learning.

Usually the kite spot for teaching is Punta Trettu that, thanks to its shallow and flat water, allows a safe, easy and quick progression. Whenever the wind blows betters in other spots of South Sardinia, we offer our students the opportunity to move for lessons and sessions.

In our kitesurf center we use Ozone kites, one of the best kitesurfing brands available on the market, for both lessons and rentals. Radio helmets during kite lessons, training and assisted rental allow time saving and a very effective communication between instructor and student.

What we offer

  • Packages “Accommodation + Kitesurf course”
  • Packages “Accommodation + Equipment rental”
  • Kitesurf courses for any age and level
  • Equipment rental
  • Tailored trainings for independent kiters
  • Rescue service, Assistance and supervision
  • Washing area and storage
  • Kite repair
  • Downwinds from the lagoon to the Kite House
  • Tips about the best kite spots in South Sardinia


The kite school offers kite courses for any age and level. The school is ready to organize tailored kite trainings for advanced kiters that want to progress fast. Some of our instructors are specialized in teaching to children, teaching advanced freestyle tricks and teaching hydrofoil. At the end of the course the students will receive the IKO certification, which certifies the level reached. Using radios, safety boats and constant beach monitoring, the safety of our students is of huge focus.


Thanks to the partnership with Ozone KitesOzone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Kites and Paraglider, created in 1998 around a dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots. the kite center can provide rental and test of different types of kites, boards and harnesses for any riding style and weather condition. Spacing from big kites for light wind days to small kites for stronger winds, boards for all styles and levels and technical clothing. We ensure our equipment is safe and always up-to-date. See kite equipment rental

We offer assistance and supervision on request. Rescue service in Punta Trettu is free of charge.


At the Kite Center you will find our small shop: Brand new Ozone kites, demo kites and used equipment, ION technical clothing and more are available. Whether you might need a particular article, we invite you to contact us and reserve it in advance to find it at the Kite House upon your arrival. Our kite repair service offers the highest professional quality and great attention to detail with a fast turnaround, all at a great price.

Why choose Kite House Sardinia

  • Teaching with Radio helmets
  • IKO certification at the end of the course
  • Highest quality equipment
  • Fair prices & packages
  • Friendly and professional atmosphere
  • Multilingual and experienced team
  • Motivated and fully dedicated staff