Punta S'Aliga - Portoscuso 09010 (SU)

Punta S’Aliga is located 20 minutes by car from the Kite House, in the municipality of Porto Scuso. It is the wildest of the spots listed, a white road separates this part of the coast from the main street. Once you reach the parking lot you can walk to the long tongue of sand that divides the lagoon from the open sea.

The Punta S’Aliga kite spot is appreciated for the characteristics of flat water in the lagoon (pay attention, however, because sometimes the water can be very low) and a crystal clear sea with chop on the opposite side. It’s a spot not very crowded!

Main winds

  • The North-West wind (Mistral) that predominates in Sardinia, blows direct into the bay, it’s a bit gusty in the lagoon side of Punta S’Aliga.
  • The South-East wind (Scirocco) arrives from the opposite direction and blows well good if in other spots of the area it is too strong.

How to reach Punta S'Aliga from Kite House Sardinia

Check forecast for Punta S'Aliga

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Characteristics of the spot

  • Water: flat/chop
  • Level: all
  • Kitesurf Freeride, Foil, Windsurf
  • Wind direction: NW, SE

Services on the spot

  • Free Parking