Kite Equipment Rental, Assistance & Supervision

Kite House Sardinia – Punta Trettu, Sardinia

If you are able to ride up-wind you can rent the kite equipment with our assistance and supervision. Thanks to our partnership with Ozone KitesOzone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Kites and Paragliders, created in 1998 around a dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots that share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress. for kite equipment rental we can offer different types of kites, boards and harness for all kiters and conditions. You will find big kites for light wind days and small kites for stronger winds, boards for all styles and levels, harnesses, wetsuits, helmets, water-shoes and more.

You can choose the kite and board size that suits you. You can also change the size of the rented kite depending on the wind power.

We offer assistance, supervision and rescue service in Punta Trettu.

All our students wear radio helmets during kite lessons, trainings and assisted rentals.


  • KITES OZONE Different models from 2.5 sqm to 17 sqm.
  • BOARDS Different sizes and models: twin-tip, light wind, surf, skim-board, hydrofoil.
  • HARNESS, WETSUITS, HELMETS, SHOES Different sizes and models.


  • All independent kiters can access our equipment rental.
  • Our price list follows hourly scheme. For any rental of more than three days we offer an additional 10% discount.
  • Assistance, supervision and rescue service are included with the equipment rental.
  • We also offer “equipment rental + accommodation” packages. Contact us for a personalized quote.
kite equipment rental punta trettu


  • SUP to visit nearby bays, caves, cliffs and snorkeling. We organize guided excursions. Price 25€/day.
    – Malibu 7’9”. Price 20€/day
    – Malibu 7’6”. Price 20€/day
    – Skimboard. Price 10€/day
  • MOUNTAIN BIKES/CITY BIKES – Some city bikes and small mountain bikes are available directly at the Kite House free of charge.
  • SKATEBOARD – Longboards are available. Price 5€/day
  • SNORKELING – Sub-masks available free of charge
  • FOR KIDS – bikes, various equipment and toys available free of charge


Don’t hesitate to ask for further information.

Membership Kite House Sardinia ASD

As Kitesurfing Club, the Membership is required to take part in sports activities with us.

The price of the Membership is 10€/valid one year. You can get your Membership card on your arrival.

The Membership fee includes insuranceThe insurance covers damages caused to people or things and a personal insurance policy. for kitesurfing in Italy.

With our Membership Card you can also use the facilities and join the events of other UISPThe UISP is an institution of sports promotion recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) present on the entire Italian territory. Most of the kite clubs in South Sardinia are affiliated UISP. sports clubs in Italy.