Funtanamare spiaggia - Gonnesa 09010 (SU)

Funtanamare Beach is located circa 25 minutes from the Kite House, in the municipality of Gonnesa, in the Gulf of Lion. Together with Porto Paglia (excellent surf spot with kiosk), Plage Mesu (suitable for families), and Punta S’Arena (frequented especially by families) is part of the long beach of Gonnesa.

As a kite spot Funtanamare is appreciated for its waves particularly from autumn to spring. In summer kitesurfing is tolerated by swimmers and authorities (usually the beach is not very crowded) and can give great satisfaction.

The wide and long beach inside the gulf makes it a rather safe spot but pay attention to the sea currents that especially with rough seas can be insidious. The wind blows throughout the year in on-shore / side-on direction.

Main winds

  • The North-West wind (Mistral) that predominates in Sardinia, blows rather strong and directly into the whole gulf and in particular to Funtanamare.
  • The West wind (Ponente) blows quite well from spring to autumn if the sky is not too cloudy.

How to reach Funtanamare from Kite House Sardinia

Check forecast for Funtanamare

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Characteristics of the spot

  • Water: chop, waves
  • Level: intermediate, advanced
  • Wind direction: NW, W

Services on the spot

  • Assistance and supervision (on reservation)
  • Lifeguard
  • Bar, restaurant, area relax
  • Showers, bathrooms
  • Parking