Wing Foil School Sardinia

Wing foil is currently the hype of the moment, a perfect combination of different water sport styles.

Wing foil redefines gravity with its endless glides, allowing riders to ride in very light wind scenarios. One significant advantage is the independence it provides; in case the conditions are getting to sketchy, riders can easily swim back to shore.

The essence of the sport of wing foil is in a wing sail attached to your wrist, without any bar or lines, and board with a big fin (foil). Once that you master how to get on the board, working on your balance and how to control the wing for a steady ride, you will learn how to pump with your body in order to lift the foil up and take an effortless session, no matter the wind speed.

Mostly, we are blessed by Mistral and Scirocco winds, which allow us to run our wing foil course in Punta Trettu, around Sant’Antioco island, Is Solinas and Porto Pino, where you can find sandy beaches and turquoise water.

Wing Foil Course Punta Trettu and South-west Sardinia

The spots for wing lessons, according with the wind directions, are Punta Trettu and the other spots in the South West Sardinia which guarantee safe and easy learning thanks good water conditions and constant wind.

The wing foil course is usually split in two hours per days and six hours is the average time for our students to do water start and the first glides. The wing course is structured in a way to encourage constant learning during lessons. By dividing it in blocks of two hours you will have the right time to learn all the skills while staying fresh and concentrated.

The time required depends on the student’s knowledge, attitude, age and wind conditions. Some are able to stand up on the board and ride straight away, others may need to practice riding a little longer before to glide.

Wing Foil Lessons

  • One hour of individual wing foil lesson (one student with one instructor) – 70€/h instead of 80€/h.
  • One hour of wing foil lesson in pair (two students, two equipments, with one instructor) – 60€/h per person instead of 70€/h.
  • One hour of wing foil lesson in group (three students, three equipments, with one instructor) – 50€/h per person instead of 60€/h

Wing Foil Courses

  • Individual wing foil course 6 hours (one student with one instructor) – 420€
  • Wing foil course in pair 6 hours (two students, two equipments, with one instructor) – 360€ per person.
  • Wing foil course in group 6 hours (three students, three equipments, with one instructor) – 300€ per person.
  • From the 7th hour practice with equipment – 30€/h per person (gear only).

During the wing foil lessons full equipment is included in the price.

For a better communication with the instructor, students always wear a radio helmet.

At the end of the wing foil course each student will receive the IWO certification – recognized worldwide – that attests the level reached.

Wing Foil Rental

  • Full wing foil equipment 60€/h.
  • Only wing 30€/h.
  • Only wing foil board 50€/h.

According with the IWO guidelines, the wing course is structured as following:


  • Spot and wind evaluation
  • Theory of flying a wing
  • Setting up the equipment
  • Safety rules and systems
  • First flight of the wing on the beach/shallow water
  • Board riding introduction


  • Riding with inflatable board
  • Get on the wing foil board
  • Directional riding downwind/upwind


  • Pumping with board and wing
  • Wing foil navigation: gliding

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are two or more people at the same level

  • If you are two or three people at the same level you can choose between the individual course (one student with one instructor), the wing foil course in pair (two students with one instructor), or the course in group (three students with one instructor). Each student with his own equipment.

If you already a kiter or windsurfer

  • If you already are kiter or windsurfer, we will skip the wind theory.

If you will need some more wingfoil lessons

  • If you will need some more lessons or to improve your level, from the 7th hour we can offer other lessons for a discounted price.

When you will be an independent wing foil rider

  • When you will be an independent wing foil rider, you can choose to have some more lessons or rent the wing foil equipment and practice with our assistance and supervision.  Discounted price applies for wing foil rental post courses.

If you will be an independent wing foil rider in less than 6 hours

  • If you will be an independent wing rider in less than 6 hours, congratulations! You can choose to have more wing lessons or to rent the wing equipment.

Membership Kite House Sardinia ASD

As Sport Club, the Membership is required to take part in sports activities with us.

The price of the Membership is 10€/valid one year. You can get your Membership card on your arrival.

The Membership fee includes insuranceThe insurance covers damages caused to people or things and a personal insurance policy. for kitesurfing/wing foiling in Italy.

With our Membership Card you can also use the facilities and join the events of other UISPThe UISP is an institution of sports promotion recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) present on the entire Italian territory. Most of the kite clubs in South Sardinia are affiliated UISP. sports clubs in Italy.