Located at the southwestern tip of Sardinia, the island of Sant’Antioco is a true gem of the Mediterranean. With a surface area of 108 km², it is the fourth largest Italian island and boasts a thousand-year history, witnessed by the numerous archaeological sites present on its territory.

An island rich in charm and contrasts: from golden sandy beaches to rocky coves, from hills covered in Mediterranean scrub to suggestive lagoons, Sant’Antioco offers breathtaking landscapes. The crystal clear sea and uncontaminated seabed also make it a paradise for diving and snorkeling lovers.

Sant’Antioco – Is Pruinis “Dog Beach”

Spiaggia di Is Pruinis, Sant'Antioco 09017 (SU)

Is Pruinis is one of the longest beaches on Sant’Antioco Island, boasting a 2-kilometer stretch of fine, light-colored sand. The crystal-clear waters boast hues ranging from intense blue to emerald green, making it a true spectacle for the eyes.

The beach is renowned for its beauty and tranquility. It’s the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun and sea, but it also offers opportunities for long walks and water sports. Windsurfing, wing foiling, and kitesurfing are particularly popular here, thanks to the favorable South and Southeast winds that often blow with greater intensity compared to Punta Trettu.

At Is Pruinis “Dog Beach” it is possible to practice kitesurfing only outside the summer months!

Main winds

  • The South-East wind (Scirocco) blows perfectly side on.
  • The South (Ostro) blows side.

Sant’Antioco – Coaquaddus

Spiaggia di Coaquaddus, Sant'Antioco 09017 (SU)

Located south of Is Pruinis, Coaquaddus is a large bay framed by cliffs, ideal for experienced windsurfers, kitesurfers, and wingfoilers. The wind frequently blows from the south and southeast, with a predominantly on-shore direction, and the waves can reach considerable sizes, also attracting surfers.

For those who prefer tranquility, the beach offers the opportunity to kayak, canoe, or swim in the calm and clear waters. A haven of peace and relaxation, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub with a kiosk active during the summer.

At Coaquaddus beach it is possible to practice kitesurfing only outside the summer months!

Main winds

  • The South (Ostro) blows side on.

How to reach Is Pruinis - Dog Beach Sant'Antioco from Kite House Sardinia

Check forecast for Is Pruinis & Coaquaddus

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Characteristics of the spot

  • Water: choppy, small waves
  • Level: all/intermediate
  • Kitesurf freeride, Foil, Windsurf
  • Wind direction: S, SE

Services on the spot

  • Free Parking