Kitesurf holiday in Sardinia

Kite spots South Sardinia

South Sardinia hosts the best kite spots where you can kitesurf in Sardinia with wind blowing the whole year with an impressive frequency. Kite House is a great place for your kite holiday in Sardinia.

A few kilometers from the Kite House you will find some of the best flat water kite spots in EuropePunta Trettu and Porto Botte have constant wind from March to November and ideal conditions for kitesurfing in Sardinia. Is Solinas is appreciated by many for the nice sandy beach crowned by dunes and easy chop open water and good wind.

On the other hand, there are also some good wave kite spots that work mainly from October to May: Porto Pino, Funtanamare and Calasetta are the closest.

In addition, moving further South we find Chia beach, famous for its nice waves with East wind especially in autumn and Maddalena Beach / Copperton in Capoterra, that is a great alternative in summer with high-pressure condition and South wind.

In conclusion, do not forget Punta S’Aliga, the wildest kite spot of the area which you can reach in twenty minutes by car from the Kite House and is our starting point for the downwind.


From mid September to mid June you can kitesurf in Sardinia in every beach of the island respecting the rules of common good sense. During the bathing season (especially in July and August) instead the authorized beaches for kitesurf are less.

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