Maddalena spiaggia Capoterra


Maddalena spiaggia - Capoterra 09012 (CA)

Copperton, Torre degli Ulivi - Capoterra 09012 (CA)

Maddalena beach and its final part, Copperton are located circa 1 hour drive from the Kite House, in the municipality of Capoterra in the surroundings of Cagliari.

The Maddalena Spiaggia kite spots are particularly appreciated in the summer, when during high pressure days when the wind conditions are from the south. In early afternoon usually the thermal wind rises around 12/18 kn.

Maddalena beach there is a corridor owned by the local school and can be used by kiters to go out, it is absolutely necessary to avoid going out from the corridor when you start and come back to the beach.

In Copperton, the final part of the same beach, here are no swimmers and there is more space to practice even if you can often find many students and there are no services on the beach. We suggest you to park on the left side of the parking and to ask the local kitesurf school for the rules of this spot.

Main winds

  • The thermal southern wind blows during high pressure days in the summer, increasing in intensity in the afternoon. On a nice hot day usually it blows from 5 to 10 knots stronger than the forecast predicted!

How to reach Maddalena Spiaggia (Capoterra) from Kite House Sardinia

Check forecast for Maddalena Spiaggia

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✓ Windy Capoterra
✓ Windfinder Maddalena Spiaggia

Characteristics of the spot

  • Water: chop
  • Level: all
  • Kitesurf freeride, Foil, Windsurf
  • Wind direction: S, SE

Services on the spot

  • Kitesurfing school
  • Kite rental
  • Info point, bar, relax area
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Free Parking