Kitesurf in Sardinia - Is Solinas


Spiaggia Is Solinas, Is Solinas - Masainas 09010 (SU)

Is Solinas beach is located circa 15 minutes from the Kite House, in the municipality of Masainas, in the Gulf of Palmas, next to Porto Botte.

As a kite spot, Is Solinas is appreciated for its rather flat and shallow water characteristics that make it a suitable spot for beginners to practice kitesurfing and it’s also a great spot for hydrofoil. The beach is quite long and the spot is safe as the winds are side-on and on-shore. The dunes and the Mediterranean bushes offer natural protection from the wind, some turbulence can be created at the beach due to the vegetation nearby.

The wind blows throughout the year increasing in intensity thanks to the thermal wind (from May to October). In particular the West and North-West winds with sun or little cloudiness, blow from 5 to 10 knots stronger than expected.

During the swimming season kiteboarding on Is Solinas is reserved to a specific area of the beach.

Main winds

  • The North-West wind (Mistral) that predominates in Sardinia, blows strong and direct into the bay, increasing intensity due to thermal effect during the summer months.
  • The West wind (Ponente) and South-West (Libeccio) blow quite well from spring to autumn if the sky is not too cloudy.

How to reach Is Solinas from Kite House Sardinia

Check forecast for Is Solinas

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Characteristics of the spot

  • Water: chop, little waves
  • Level: all
  • Kitesurf freeride, Foil, Windsurf
  • Wind direction: NW, W, SW

Services on the spot

  • Kitesurfing school
  • Kite rental
  • Assistance and supervision
  • Rescue service
  • Bar
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Parking