Basic Kitesurf Course – Beginner Lessons

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If you try kitesurfing for the first time or you need a refresher to get up on the board, you are at the right place! The basic kitesurf course will guide you to discover and learn all the techniques necessary to start kitesurfing up to water starts and first rides in totally safety.

The kite spot for kite lessons is Punta Trettu which guarantees a safe and easy learning thanks to shallow and flat water and constant wind.

The Basic kitesurf course is usually split in two hours per days and six hours is the average time for our students to do water start and the first rides. The kite course is structured in a way to encourage constant learning during lessons. By dividing it in blocks of two hours you will have the right time to learn all the skills while staying fresh and concentrated.

The time required depends on the student’s knowledge, attitude, age and wind conditions. Some are able to stand up on the board and ride straight away, others may need to practice water-start a little longer.

  • Individual kitesurf course 6 hours (one student with one instructor) – 360€
  • Kitesurf course in pair 6 hours (two students with one instructor) – 180€ per person.
  • From the 7th hour onwards individual kite lessons – 50€/h.
  • One hour of individual kite lesson (one student with one instructor) – 65€/h.
  • One hour of kite lesson in pair (two students with one instructor) – 35€/h per person.

During the kite lessons full equipment is included in the price.

For a better communication with the instructor, students always wear a radio helmet.

At the end of the course each student will receive the IKO certification – recognized worldwide – that attests the level reached.

According with the IKO guidelines, the basic kitesurf course is structured as following:


  • Spot and wind evaluation
  • Theory of flying a kite
  • Setting up the equipment
  • Safety rules and systems
  • First flight of the kite with short lines
  • Relaunch the kite from the water
  • Launching and landing techniques of the kite


  • Kite control with long lines
  • Directional Body drag in the water
  • Body drag upwind to recover the board
  • Emergency simulation in the water (Self rescue)


  • Board standing techniques
  • First water starts
  • Navigation

Day 1 – First kite lesson

We start on land with the theory and a safety briefing and then get straight into the water. You exercise to control the kite and understand its power (by using the short lines we ensure maximum safety). You learn to control the kite with two hands, with only one hand and how to relaunch it from the water. We also practice launching and landing the kite and walking safely with it.

Day 2 – Second kite Lesson

Day two is all practical. We get straight in the water with longer lines kite and, after refreshing the exercises of day one, we start body dragging in all directions and learn how to body drag upwind. We practice recovering the board and start getting up on it. We will also fit in a self rescue exercise so that you are able to get yourself safely back to shore if you ever get into difficulties.

Day 3 – Third kite lesson

Your third day is a practical one too. We continue with the board work, setting up water start technics aiming to get you traveling in both directions and stopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are two persons at the same level

  • If you are two people at the same level you can choose between the individual course (one student with one instructor) or the kitesurf course in pair (two students with one instructor). We can also consider to start the course as a pair and then continue with individual lessons. In any case, we are flexible and you can decide on the way.

If you already have had some kite lessons before

  • If you already have had some kite lessons before, we will restart with a fast refresh and then we will follow your level.

If you will need some more lessons

  • If you will need some more lessons or to improve your level, from the 7th hour we can offer other individual lessons for 50€/h.

When you will be an independent rider

  • When you will be an independent rider, you can choose to have some more lessons or rent the kite equipment and practice with our assistance and supervision. In any case discounted price applies from the 7th hour of lesson and for rental post courses.

If you will be an independent rider in less than 6 hours

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The price of the Membership is 10€/valid one year. You can get your Membership card on your arrival.

The Membership fee includes insuranceThe insurance covers damages caused to people or things and a personal insurance policy. for kitesurfing in Italy.

With our Membership Card you can also use the facilities and join the events of other UISPThe UISP is an institution of sports promotion recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) present on the entire Italian territory. Most of the kite clubs in South Sardinia are affiliated UISP. sports clubs in Italy.