ADVANCED: Freestyle, Hydrofoil, Wave riding


Addressed to more experienced riders, these lessons can be tailored to the kiter needs.

For advanced riders we can offer some freestyle coaching sessions: your instructor can show and teach you how to do all the tricks that you would like to learn, from the first pops and jumps, up to unhooking and performing crazy stunts in the air! Theorical topics will include advanced kiteboarding safety and more informations about how to optimally trim your kite.

If you prefer to try hydrofoil, we will give you all the exact suggestions to learn fast and safe. All hydrofoil lessons are with the boat in Punta Trettu, or Punta S’Aliga and Is Solinas.

Might you like to learn wave riding instead, we can teach the base techniques in the flat water and when you will master them, we will go catch some nice waves in the area!

We offer

  • Different personalized formulas of kite coaching  for advanced kiters for a faster progression.
  • Equipment rentalassistance and rescue service.
  • The fun and accessible “downwind of the lagoon” with arrival at the Kite House.
  • Guided trips to kitesurf in the different kite spots of South Sardinia throughout the whole year.

During all kite lessons, full equipment is included in the price.

Students will always wear a radio helmet in order to ensure an effective communication with their instructor.

At the end of the course each student will receive the IKO certification – recognized worldwide – that attests the level reached during training.


You progressed to a point where you are proficient though still hungry for more. You want to perform tricks while flying, explore coastlines around the world and loop yourself around! This freeride course will teach you all that and more; this is the next step for you to ride blind, aerial transitions, back-rolls, downwinder preparation, other hooked tricks and surface loops!

What you can learn in this course:

  • Basic Jump
  • Jump with basic grab
  • Hop to toeside
  • Hop from toeside to heelside
  • Hop to blind
  • Ride blind
  • Jump transition
  • Jump transition with grab
  • Jump transition to toeside
  • Backroll
  • Backroll transition
  • Long distance downwinder
  • Various grabs
  • Inverted jump
  • Pop (no kite movement)
  • Dark slide
  • Downloop (no jump)
  • Downloop jibe
  • Kiteloop (no jump)


You are at a certain point, where you are itching to go one step beyond the majority. You want to go bigger, learn unhooked tricks and kite loop yourself into zero gravity for that split second; we get it! In the Freestyle course you will learn how to do front rolls, raileys, jump higher, unhook, kite loop and perform advanced grabs!

What you can learn in this course:

  • Frontroll
  • Frontroll transition
  • Pop (no kite movement)
  • Hooked-in railey
  • Hooked-in railey-to-toeside
  • Higher jump
  • Higher jump with grab
  • Higher backroll
  • Higher frontroll
  • Unhook and hook back in
  • Unhooked pop
  • Unhooked railey
  • Unhooked backroll
  • Surface handle pass
  • Jump transition with kiteloop
  • Jump and land with downloop
  • Jump with kiteloop
  • Jump with kiteloop and land with downloop
  • Backroll with kiteloop
  • Backroll with grab
  • Hooked-in railey with grab
  • Unhooked pop with grab


It is important to take a professional course to learn how to hydrofoil. In this course you will learn theory, board management, proper body drag technique, how to ride it and then advanced skills so you can foil in style!

What you can learn in this course:

  • Terminology
  • Equipment choice for hydrofoil
  • SEA assessment for hydrofoil
  • Set up and trim a hydrofoil board
  • Carry the hydrofoil board on land with no kite
  • Enter/exit the water with the board with no kite
  • Put the board on the feet with no kite
  • Enter the water with the kite and board
  • Body-drag with the board
  • Steady-pull
  • Waterstart
  • Riding on the foil
  • Controlled stops and basic turns
  • S-turns
  • Ride toeside
  • Jibe
  • Tack

Wave riding

The wave riding course will help you conquer and understand waves both on a twin tip board and on a surfboard. This action packed course will teach you how to ride in waves, perform important maneuvers like jibes, bottom turns, snaps and much more!

What you can learn in this course:

  • Wave and current analysis
  • Pass the shore break
  • Exit the water with shore break
  • S-turns
  • Jibe
  • Jump on a wave
  • Bottom turn / off the lip
  • Ride on waves over 1m (all previous skills)
  • Floater
  • Snap back
  • Tack
  • Ride on waves over 2m (all previous skills)
  • Downwinder on waves
  • Pass the shore break strapless
  • Exit the water with shore break strapless
  • S-turns strapless
  • Jibe strapless
  • Bottom turn / off the lip strapless
  • Ride on waves over 1m (all previous skills) strapless
  • Floater strapless
  • Snap back strapless
  • Tack strapless
  • Ride on waves over 2m (all previous skills) strapless
  • Downwinder on waves strapless
  • Jump on a wave strapless
  • Individual lessons (one student with one instructor). Price 50€/h.
  • Lessons in pair (two students with one instructor). Price 30€/h per person.
  • Coaching in small groups (3-4 persons with one instructor, one kite for each student). Price 25€/h per person.
  • Assistance and supervision (free of charge).
  • Hydrofoil lessons (individual only). Price 70€/h

If you already have your own equipment you can choose to get

  • Individual lessons (one student with one instructor). Price 40€/h (radio helmet included).
  • Lessons in pair (two students with one instructor). Price 25€/h per person (radio helmet included).
  • Coaching in small groups (3-4 persons with one instructor). Price 20€/h per person (all equipment included, one kite for each student).
  • Assistance and supervision (free of charge).
  • Hydrofoil lessons (individual only). Price 50€/h

Membership Kite House Sardinia ASD

As Kitesurfing Club, the Membership is required to take part in sports activities with us.

The price of the Membership is 10€/valid one year. You can get your Membership card on your arrival.

The Membership fee includes insuranceThe insurance covers damages caused to people or things and a personal insurance policy. for kitesurfing in Italy.

With our Membership Card you can also use the facilities and join the events of other UISPThe UISP is an institution of sports promotion recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) present on the entire Italian territory. Most of the kite clubs in South Sardinia are affiliated UISP. sports clubs in Italy.