Junior Kitesurf Course

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If your child is under 12 years old, it is important for you to choose school where instructors are “Teaching to Children” certified. Younger students need different approaches with extra safety precautions, attention and care during the kite lessons.

  • Actually, there is no age limit in learning how to fly a kite, but we should consider not less than 30 kg of body weight. It depends on the child’s physical condition, maturity and experiences.
  • It is absolutely essential for the child who will start kitesurfing, to be able to swim proficiently, not to be afraid of water and of course having the willingness to learn.

In our Kitesurf school – affiliated IKO Center – you will find kite instructors with “teaching to children” specialization as well as appropriate equipment for your kids’ size (harness, wetsuit, kites) and safety equipment like helmets and life vests.

The kite spot for lessons is Punta Trettu which guarantees a safe and easy learning thanks to shallow and flat water and constant wind.

Parents can take part to the course to learn how to assist their child,  supervise them while assessing spot and conditions, preparing their equipment safely, safety and emergency procedures and so on.

Even if a parent is an experienced kitesurfer, we do not recommend teaching their kids by themselves, for a matter of safety and because it’s proved that kids will react differently with a non-parent tutor.

A big factor of success for children while learning kiteboarding is for parents to manage their own expectations regarding their kid’s progressionAs children get easily disappointed, loose confidence and quit, during the first steps we need to be encouraging them with a positive and constructive approach.. We have to let the child play, explore and learn at its own pace.

In conclusion, kitesurfing teaches children important life skills such as self-reliance, self-confidence, independence and social interaction.

  • Price individual lessons (one student with one instructor) 60€/h. From the 7th hour onwards 50€/h.
  • Price lessons in pair (two students with one instructor) 30€/h per child.
  • Price lessons in group (three students with one instructor) 25€/h per child.

A junior class usually lasts 2 hours. As kids in general do not have the same endurance as an adult, you may book shorter-timed lessons if preferred.

  • During all kite lessons, full equipment is included in the price.
  • Students will always wear a radio helmet in order to ensure an effective communication with their instructor.
  • At the end of the course each student will receive the  IKO certificationEstablished in 2001, the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) is the largest kiteboarding organization in the world. – recognized worldwide – that attests the level reached.

Membership Kite House Sardinia ASD

As Kitesurfing Club, the Membership is required to take part in sports activities with us.

The price of the Membership is 10€/valid one year. You can get your Membership card on your arrival.

The Membership fee includes insuranceThe insurance covers damages caused to people or things and a personal insurance policy. for kitesurfing in Italy.

With our Membership Card you can also use the facilities and join the events of other UISPThe UISP is an institution of sports promotion recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) present on the entire Italian territory. Most of the kite clubs in South Sardinia are affiliated UISP. sports clubs in Italy.